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S-Nuts or Souza Nuts are signature products of The House of Souza, marketed by Canara Cashew, Udupi.

Over two generations of cashew procurement and processing, the name Souza Cashews has come to be aligned with unconditional quality and industry leadership. Canara Cashew, the flagship company, was incorporated in the early 80's, with a view to leverage local and global markets while impacting the lot of the cashew producer. The founding Chairman of the Souza ventures, Walter D'Souza, has advocated stringent production methods, high quality produce and deep rooted customer relations, all of which have been seamlessly adopted into the organisational culture by the next generation, Dr. Christopher D'Souza and his wife, Bettina D'Souza who directly oversees the retail wing.

S-Nuts is a leading nuts and dried fruits brand. We trust you will enjoy the experience of our freshly packed nuts, dried fruits and spices coming to you with the promise of an everyday energy meal at your breakfast table!  



We're delighted with your visit and we hope that you enjoy the online experience.

It has been a fascinating entrepreneurial journey for me, with brand, S-Nuts, which my husband and I have steered over the recent years. 

Christopher's experience with the cashew industry, honed by his father, the founder of the Canara Cashew Co., has held us in good stead in the creation of these much-loved nutritious bites, found exclusively in S-Nuts packets - cashew, almond, walnut or pistachio or for that matter, the mixed nuts, which my team carefully picks, packs and parcels, each day. We trust that you'll enjoy the 'Nuttiness. Reloaded'.

Do stay in touch and feel free to contact us for any related query.

- Bettina D'Souza, CEO


AMANDA DIAS, Mangalore

This year's Kuswar (Christmas sweets) were extra special. Thank you for bringing smiles on children's faces. God bless the work of your hands.


The freshness in the S-Nuts packets are superb! We have started to send an assorted nuts pack to friends, as gifts!


The online shopping has made it easier for us to place orders. Great packaging and pricing as well. Thank you!

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