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S-Nuts is a  brand of Souza Cashews.

Over two generations of cashew procurement and processing, the name Souza Cashews has come to be aligned with unconditional quality and industry leadership. From the early 80's, Souza Cashew has leveraged global markets while impacting the lot of the cashew producer, locally, with the far-reaching initiatives of the founder of the Souza ventures, Walter D'Souza. His work ethic and values are seamlessly adopted by the next-gen, Dr. Christopher D'Souza and his wife, Bettina D'Souza, who directly oversees the retail operations at S-Nuts, a much-loved nutri-nuts brand. We trust you will enjoy the experience of our freshly packed nuts, dried fruits, seeds and spices, coming to you with the promise of an everyday energy meal on your breakfast table!  

Available online, the best of cashew grades, which come with the guarantee of the House of Souza.

Try our delightfully healthy, flavoured cashew baked with no oil or preservatives for some guilt-free snacking!

Enjoy a wide range of nutritious nuts, including our popular Mixed Nuts!

Indulge in our choice dried fruit varieties, including the juicy Prunes!

Fresh, aromatic and a must-have in your kitchen, try these tantalising taste makers!

We recommend Super Seeds for extra immunity and good health!