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Nutty facts on the nutrition and novelty in some favourite nuts. Click on the TOP RECIPE button to prepare some special delights, shortlisted from


Image by Jenn Kosar


A super source of iron, cashew intake helps deliver vital oxygen to body cells, keeping anaemia at bay. Its zinc content is key to immunity building.

Image by engin akyurt


The slimmest of all nuts and rich in vitamin E, pistachios contain L-arginine that enables flexibility of arteries, thus reducing blood clotting. 



These all-rounder nutri-nuts are believed to reduce risk of heart disease. Almonds are the most fibrous and are rich in Vitamin E with anti-oxidants. 

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Containing among the highest anti-oxidant properties, the unassuming peanut is an immunity-booster nut. A handful aids a healthy heart.



Another anti-oxidant rich nut, walnut consumption is said to help fight cancer. Walnuts also prevent premature ageing and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid.

Oatmeal with Nuts

Mixed Nuts

This is your power pack for the day. Assorted nuts that bring the goodness of good health to your breakfast table each day. Don't forget the raisins...

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